Product Update: Firewall Backup

“Which screen sharing software are you using? I’m sure it doesn’t work with our corporate firewall.”

Does that sound familiar to you? Well, it doesn’t have to: Demodesk is the only screen sharing and conferencing tool that works even with very restrictive firewalls. Thanks to our brand new firewall backup.

Firewalls are important to protect corporate networks

Many companies use firewalls like Sophos, Fortinet or Palo Alto Networks. Firewalls protect a network by controlling incoming and outgoing traffic via a set of rules that determine whether data packets are safe or not.

Generally spoken, a firewall is indispensable for protecting sensitive company data. The bad thing about enterprise firewalls though is that they can be very restrictive, hindering the employees from using web-based applications and services.

Demodesk works without any downloads and is entirely browser-based. This approach ensures that Demodesk works significantly more reliable than traditional conferencing tools. However, there are still some overly restrictive firewalls that block the default way Demodesk accesses the network.

Demodesk’s firewall backup ensures that participants with overly restrictive firewalls can join the meeting

For those very tough cases, we now found a way to ensure that Demodesk works reliably. If the standard Demodesk is blocked, our backup applies: a fallback mechanism lets the participant still see the content you are presenting. Control sharing for collaborative browsing and editing however is not possible. And in some cases you won’t see the name of the participant in your participant list.

As always, let us know if there are any questions. Have a great meeting!